LODESTAR - poster 1.JPG

documentary short


Paul Kirby

Trailer for Lodestar - a short documentary about the importance of public coastal access from the context of community mental health.

LODESTAR -(trailer)

a short documentary by Paul Kirby about the threat to public coastal access


Interview on

Jefferson Public Radio

Participatory Action Research

Participatory Action Research (PAR), can be seen as a movement away from ‘top down’ research agendas, whereby research historically segregates the researcher in a paternalistic role from those being researched as passive objects of research.  Instead, PAR seeks not only to involve the communities being studied in the research process but to shift the balance of power from the researcher to the subjects of research themselves. 


PAR methodologies recognize the lack of published academic research from marginalized groups and use oral testimony as a means to rectify this knowledge imbalance.  An example of oral testimony would be obtaining first-hand accounts from Native Americans of being separated from their families and re-located in boarding schools as part of the assimilation practices adopted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. 


Oral testimony is often used in PAR to legitimize insider knowledge, by reframing the population being studied as the experts and therefore better able to determine research agendas.  

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